Croatan National Forest (34.691864, -77.086081)
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Croatan National Forest

Quick Facts

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Cedar Point Tideland Trail Map:
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Counties: Carteret, Craven, Jones
Acres: 160,000
Trails: 40.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Hours: Always open
Visitor Center Hours: 8 AM - 4:30 PM, Mon - Fri

Encompassing 160,000 acres of coastal forest and wetlands, Croatan National Forest is North Carolina's only large coastal forest and one of the few places where the pocosin (a subcategory of wetland) can still be found. A network of access areas features camping, 43.1 miles of hiking trails, fishing, picnicking, nature walks, boating, and more.

Cedar Point Tideland Trail (1.9 miles, easy)
Island Creek Forest Walk (0.5 mile, easy)
Neuse River Trail (3.0 mile, easy)
Neusiok Trail (20.4 miles, easy)  Mountains-to-Sea Trail
Patsy Pond Nature Trail (3.7 miles, easy)
Weetock Trail (11 miles, easy)

Croatan's brackish waters are a valuable commercial nursery for oysters, shrimp, and crabs. Other notable residents include black bear, alligator, belted kingfisher, wild turkey, red-winged blackbird, and fish crow. The park is a nesting area for wading birds including common egret, snowy egret, great blue heron, little blue heron, and tri-colored heron.

In May and June deer flies (yellow flies) may be a nuisance. Chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes are also common, especially in warmer months.

Plant Life
Croatan is dominated by coastal forest and wetlands, and hosts common NC flora from both. Carnivorous plants including the venus flytrap, sundew, pitcher plant, and butterwort can be found here. Along with Alligator River, Croatan is one of the few remaining pocosin wetlands.

Brice Creek, Cahooque Creek, Catfish Lake, Cedar Point, Fishers Landing, Great Lake, Haywood Landing, Long Point, Neuse River, Oyster Point, Patsy Pond, Pine Cliff, Siddie Fields

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